S.I.C is a clan that was formed for not only the love of the game but to combine both brotherhood and equality.

Arising from a family of brothers S.I.C welcomes both men and women from around the globe who are not only skilled but are willing to bring their hard work and dedication in helping to create a world wide unit.

After many considerations and fallings of other units S.I.C was created to bring worldwide players in unity leaving no room for wolfpack mentalities and to arise a respectful superb elite group.

Formed by Corleone360, Bustin_53, and IdlemindxZ our unit was created for players who strongly wish to build their playing skills in a well directed manner.

​We respectfully request if you are up to the challenge to sign up and give us a try. Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

​"We are SIC 
Soldiers, we fight where were told and win where we.  fight..